“The World Within Winooski,” a documentary now in development, will depict the town’s past and present as a multicultural destination of hope and opportunity. This historic role extends from Native Americans through the French Canadian and Irish millworkers, and on to recent arrivals who left distant ancestral homelands to seek a better life.


The Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program (Laurie Stavrand)


Help viewers understand and appreciate the knowledge, talent, and cultural diversity that refugees and immigrants bring to their community.

Increase involvement and cooperation among members of the Winooski community.

Raise awareness of issues affecting former refugees.


Interviews with recently arrived and long-term former refugees,
as well as multigenerational families.

Scenes of arrival, resettlement, and adjustment to the community and culture.

Frank discussions of immigration-related challenges facing all Winooski residents.

Scenes of daily family life within families from various countries.


Donations from individuals and businesses in Winooski and surrounding communities.


Panel discussion on community access television.

Media coverage planned for later in production.


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