With a Legacy documentary, your organization gains a cost-free way to raise funds, attract new members, and build awareness of its programs and mission.

Planning the documentary is a collaborative, creative process through we define the goals, messages, content, and audiences for your documentary. The production can blend interviews, location footage, video tours, photos, documents, and music that bring local history and stories to life for current and future generations.

The funding process is also collaborative, with Legacy and one or more community liaisons from your organization working together to plan and implement an outreach program. This typically includes phone, mail, and in-person contact with local businesses and individuals. In return for their support, donors receive on-screen credit, marketing opportunities, and a tax deduction if yours is a 501(c)3 organization.

Foundation grants and matching gifts may be available to supplement local funding.

Based on a "no surprises" approach to project management, Legacy maintans close contact with you throughout the project and provides frequent status updates. Upon completion, your organization owns the copyright and may distribute the video (and excerpts) in any way it chooses. DVDs may be sold, given away, or offered as incentives for donations and memberships. All revenues raised through DVD distribution belong to your non-profit.


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