Meet the people of Highgate


Seven Portraits of Highgate tells stories of courage, resourcefulness, challenge, and cooperation in a small Vermont community. They reveal the hopes, passions, and anxieties of those who who consider Highgate not just a place to live, but a cherished home.

From its years as a center of manufacturing and tourism, through periods of decline, to its ongoing agricultural tradition, Highgate comes to life in images and sound. Here we find respect for family and neighbors, belief in straight talk and hard work, and enduring commitment to an increasingly rare way of life.


The Highgate Historical Society (Charles Nye)


Preserve local history for future generations, and enable the client to
increase revenues through sales of DVDs.


Photos and stories from Highgate's past as an industrial town and tourist attraction.


Donations from current and previous residents, as well as local busineses.


Two feature stories in the St. Albans Messenger.

Interview on WLFE radio station.


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