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Dick Cassidy

A lifelong member of the Highgate community, Dick has held a public office ever since he was old enough to vote. As a child, he played baseball with Henry Laroche. He's the son-in-law of Reg Humphrey, featured in "The Smartest Man" chapter of the video.


Charlie Nye

Charlie is Curator of the Highgate Historical Society's museum. A true believer in the value of preserving local history, he was a major force in the planning and production of the video.


Pixley Tyler-Hill / Ted Tyler

Sister and brother proprietors of The Tyler Place, a popular, 165-acre family resort in Highgate Springs on the shores of Lake Champlain. Pixley is a former teacher and Ted is an attorney. They were enthusiastic and generous supporters of the video.


Richard Noel

Richard is a lifelong farmer who has passed along the family farm to his son and daughter-in-law. In recent years, they have converted the farm to organic. RIchard fondly recalls his French-Canadian ancestry, including his grandmother and her wonderful cooking.


Steve Beyor

Steve's father and grandfather owned the Bayview Hotel and boat livery in Highgate Springs. Each summer, hundreds of guests would come to fish, row on Lake Champlain, and relax. As a teenager, Steve was a friend of Art Bousquet and helped with the chores on Reg Humphrey's farm.


Art Bousquet

Art became a "state kid" when his father died, living and working on a farm in exchange for room and board. At Reg Humphrey's farm, he developed a lifelong love of learning and the encyclopedic knowledge of regional history that he shared in the video.


Geraldine & Gerald Dexter

Geraldine was Highgate's postmaster for many years. As a teenager, she learned how to fly an airplane. Gerald is a history buff and owns a vast collection of old postcards, many of which were shown in the video.


Fernand Gagne

After growing up on a farm and realizing that farming didn't suit him, Fernand bought and operated two sawmills. Later he launched a career in grading lumber and still owns a successful maple sugaring business.


Reg Humphrey

According to many who knew him, Reg Humphrey - farmer, self-taught scholar, and mentor to Art Bousquet, Steve Beyor, and other Highgate kids - was "The Smartest Man" in Highgate.


Cecile and Henry Laroche

Cecile and Henry grew up on farms. As adults, they bought, operated, and sold several Highgate-area farms. Henry also served as a Highgate selectman and lister.


Andrew Saxe

Andrew is a descendant of John Saxe, one of Highgate's original settlers and founder of "Saxe's Mills", where the town was incorporated. Andrew finds his visits to Highgate a welcome relief from corporate life in Boston.

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