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This intimate video portrait tells the life story of a true Vermont original, master
woodcarver Bob Spear, who founded and built The Birds of Vermont Museum.

Located in Huntington, the museum displays Bob's hundreds of carved and painted
birds and offers workshops for adults, children, and school groups.

As he approaches, his ninth decade, Bob still carves birds, installs high-tech lighting and
displays, and generously shares his knowledge of wood carving and ornithology.

Through Bob's personal stories, as well as those of family members and museum staff,
we learn how a lifelong Vermonter grew up to understand the natural world and express his appreciation of it through his art. A force of nature himself, Bob enjoys his work as much as ever, and has no intention of slowing down.


The Birds of Vermont Museum (Gail Lawrence)


Preserve local history for future generations, and enable the client to
increase revenues through sales of DVDs.


Photos and stories from Bob's childhood.

Bob's granddaugher plays a guitar carved by Bob as a teenager, and normally seen
only in a glass case at the museum.

Close-up views of Bob's lifelike carvings.


Family support.


Museum display and newsletter.


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