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This one-hour, centennial documentary features historic photos, tours of special collections, and the memories and reflections of the BIxby Memorial Library's patrons and staff. It highlights the library’s legacy and future as a resource for lifelong learning, opportunity, and exploration.


The Bixby Memorial Library (Peter Morris)


Document the library's 100-year history.

Encourage additional use of the library by individuals and groups.

Present compelling reasons to support the library's repair and upgrade projects.


Historic photos and descriptions of the building site and construction.

Close-up views of artifacts normally seen only in display cases.

Stories of the library's use for music concerts, plays, magic shows, and pajama parties.

Descriptions and images of planned enhancements to the library.


Donations from Vergennes individuals and businesses.


Feature article in Addison Independent.


Copyright ©2012 Philip Fass/Legacy Video Portraits